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We celebrate 10 years of care

October 25 2018

Southampton NHS Treatment Centre celebrated its 10th anniversary with an “access all areas” open day – and more than 150 visitors came to find out more - and, of course, a cake! 
It was the ideal event for anyone who has ever wanted to see behind the scenes at a busy hospital, to have a go at basic life-saving or see what happens when a joint is replaced or a cataract removed.
With unprecedented access to operating theatres, physiotherapy and radiography, plus information about waiting times, alternative ways of obtaining treatment and jobs, the open day was a great way to learn more about a hospital which has dedicated itself to the health and well-being of people in the city and beyond, for 10 years.
Visitors were overwhelmingly impressed by what they saw at the open day. Comments included: “Having had a knee replacement it was interesting to see what they did to me!”; “I really enjoyed seeing behind the scenes and the areas you don’t usually get to see as a patient”; “The tours were fascinating”, and; “Everyone I met from the Treatment Centre were lovely with loads of knowledge to share.”
Southampton NHS Treatment Centre opened its doors to NHS patients on 13th October 2008. It was one of the so-called Independent Sector Treatment Centres which were part of the then Labour Government’s initiative to introduce the independent sector to the running of some NHS services. The initiative was designed to improve patient choice and bring in new, efficient ways of working.
Since opening, Southampton NHS Treatment Centre has cared for tens of thousands of patients, providing care in general surgery (such as hernia repair and gall bladder removal), dental surgery, ENT surgery, endoscopy, eye surgery, foot and ankle surgery, gynaecology, hand and wrist surgery, hip surgery, knee surgery, medical imaging, pain management, shoulder and elbow surgery, and urology.
It is rated ‘outstanding’ for care by the Care Quality Commission and ‘good’ overall and performs above the national average in the Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment audit, where it scored 99.02% for cleanliness, 98.81% for privacy, dignity and wellbeing, and 96.5% for condition, appearance and maintenance.
Southampton NHS Treatment Centre is popular with patients. Comments on its Facebook page include: “The care is amazing”; “The care and patience they give is always 100%”, and; “Experience was amazing; second hip was met with the best people so can’t thank them enough”. 
10 things you need to know about Southampton NHS Treatment Centre
  • The hospital welcomed its first patients on 13th October 2008
  • NHS patients can choose to be treated at Southampton NHS Treatment Centre if their referring clinician agrees they need the treatment and it is for a procedure offered by the hospital
  • The hospital specialises in elective, pre-planned operations and does not have an A&E department – which means that treatments are rarely cancelled
  • Contrary to popular belief, its inclusion criteria for patients is wide, including those with a BMI up to 40 and patients with a range of other health conditions
  • The cost to the taxpayer of treating a patient at Southampton NHS Treatment Centre is the same as at any other NHS hospital
  • The hospital typically has shorter waiting times than other hospitals in the region
  • If you are on a waiting list with another hospital and have been told you must wait longer than 18 weeks for treatment, you can ask to switch to Southampton NHS Treatment Centre if its waiting time is shorter
  • Southampton NHS Treatment Centre has a self-pay option for patients who cannot get the treatment they need on the NHS, or who do not wish to wait
  • Since opening in 2008 Southampton NHS Treatment Centre has not experienced a single case of hospital-acquired MRSA or C Diff. 
  • It is rated ‘outstanding’ for care ‘good’ overall by the Care Quality Commission and outperforms the national average in a wide range of measures and audits
Top 10 procedures at Southampton NHS Treatment Centre
  • Knee surgery
  • Tooth extraction
  • Hip surgery
  • Cataract removal
  • Hernia repair
  • Minor hand surgery
  • Gastroscopy
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • Flexible cystoscopy
  • Diagnostic colonoscopy
10 most used items at Southampton NHS Treatment Centre
  • Latex free gloves
  • Fluids: saline, sterile water, glycine and Plasma-Lyte 
  • Suction tubing
  • Blood vacutainers
  • Swabs
  • Couch rolls
  • Compression stockings
  • Wash bowls and kidney dishes
  • Tissues
  • Antibacterial wipes