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New satellite service provides support for Swindon patients

January 13 2020

The Swindon Outpatient Clinic is a new NHS healthcare service that has been set up to cut down orthopaedic waiting times and support patients to stay in Swindon for appointments ahead of surgery, saving them the time, expense and the pain of unnecessary travel.

The clinic offers pre- and post-operative appointments to patients who may require orthopaedic surgery at Emersons Green Treatment Centre and Devizes Treatment Centre.

Outpatient lead nurse Julia Ashworth explained: “Anyone who may need orthopaedic surgery, such as a hip and knee replacement, shoulder surgery or minor orthopaedic procedures at either of the centres, would only have to travel to the centre for their surgery. The initial outpatient appointment with the consultant, pre-operative nursing assessment, necessary blood tests and any follow-up with a consultant will all be done at the Swindon Outpatient Clinic.

“Anyone undergoing treatment may find travelling difficult because of pain or lack of mobility. The new Swindon clinic will make the treatment pathway significantly easier and will minimise the risk of discomfort or distress from unnecessary travelling. It may also offer shorter waiting time for treatment.”

If patients have been referred by their GP, or if they have been referred by the Musculoskeletal Assessment Treatment Service (MATS) for orthopaedic surgery, they just need to select Care UK Swindon Outpatient Clinic on NHS e-Referral in order to access the service.

To find out more about the service call 0333 999 7641