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New knee surgery set to benefit patients young and old

February 11 2019

Patients suffering from knee conditions that affect many athletes can now have treatment in Ilford rather than having to travel further afield.

The North East London NHS Treatment Centre has expanded its orthopaedic surgery to include knee reconstruction for NHS patients.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Rahij Anwar recently joined the team at the centre and is using his expertise to deliver two types of knee reconstruction. He explained: “The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction stabilises an unstable knee and stops it ‘giving way.’ This is important, especially for younger patients who may have twisted their knee in a fall.

“Patellofemoral surgery tackles pain in front of the knee and abnormal movement patterns of the knee cap.

“These painful injuries often result from the twisting stresses common in people who run, play football or ski. We also see them in older patients who have experienced a fall. The surgery is beneficial to them as, after recovery, they regain their confidence. This is important as not only does it lessen the likelihood of another fall, but it also helps reduce the risk of them becoming socially isolated.”

Patients can usually return home with crutches on the same day and can gradually return to normal activities in six to eight weeks, with a return to sporting activities in six to nine months.

Hospital director John O’Brien said: “We are delighted that we can offer our NHS patients these surgeries. No one should have to live in pain or give up the hobbies and activities they love, and these two procedures can support people to recover their health and fitness. And the good news is our waiting times on average are currently eight weeks or less.”