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IUC receives surprise act of kindness

March 20 2020

On Friday, the Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Urgent Care was greeted in the morning with a small act of kindness from a member of the public.

On the reception desk they received a kind little note that said “Dear all, many thanks for all your help you offer to all that need you at this very busy time”. With that, they had brought in a few different snacks to say thank you to all of the team.

The crisps and biscuits have been put in front of the supervisor desk to create a little ‘snack desk’ for everyone to help themselves to.       

The call centre manager, Emma Duffy said: “It was such a kind gesture and meant so much to the staff during these challenging times. The staff are working non-stop and are going above and beyond for everyone who contacts our service. This random act of kindness from a member of public really made the staff feel appreciated. “

This fantastic act of kindness helped boost the team’s spirits and give them a few treats to help them power through the day.