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Hospital food has never tasted so good

February 4 2011

During January 2011, 98 per cent of people completing a patient satisfaction survey during a stay at their local NHS Treatment Centre rated the hospital food and catering as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

Mark Bayliss, Head of Projects and Facilities Management - Health Care at Care UK said: “We constantly review and improve our services based on feedback from patients, and believe that what they tell us about their stay in hospital is the most important indicator of high standards of quality. Such an outstanding rating for our food and food service is a credit to our suppliers, caterers, dieticians and the healthcare and housekeeping staff on the wards.

“While patients obviously appreciate the availability and choice of menus available to them, we can be confident that the food that we produce is consistently safe, nutritious and designed to meet the needs of recovering patients in hospital. Good, fresh, tasty food can encourage patients to eat well, giving them the nutrients they need to recover from surgery or illness. It’s an essential part of our total package of patient care.”

Care UK collects structured information about what our patients think about health care services in two ways; each quarter we ask a number of our patients to complete a survey about their experiences and, on an ongoing basis, we use hand-held electronic feedback machines to capture the patient experience in real-time. Results are comparable with similar surveys used to assess the experience of patients attending NHS hospitals. The Care UK ISTC surveys cover all aspects of the patient experience, whether people are attending for day care or as an inpatient.

Care UK runs eight NHS treatment centres, providing care services that involve only a short stay in hospital (including elective surgery and diagnostic tests) for more than 37,000 patients each year. Typical treatments are cataract operations, ear, nose or throat surgery or, for longer stays, hip replacements.