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Congratulations to nurse Aine Quigley for winning Programme Representative of the Year at Derby University

July 30 2019

Aine is currently undertaking a two-year Perioperative Practice degree at Derby University via distance learning.

Aine recently won the Programme Representative Award for all perioperative practice online students. Her fellow students nominated Aine for the award and elected her education chancellor for approximately 3,500 online students. Aine commented: “This was a great honour and I travelled 400 miles to attend the prestigious award ceremony. It was fantastic to be recognised for the hard work I have put in thus far into the BSc degree.”

Her role as education chancellor will be to attend online education councils held throughout the year and provide the university with information about what has been happening in the college department such as events and issues. Also, she will be expected to review academic board papers and promote engagement on their forums. This will help Aine to gather information on the student view as feedback to the university.

Since winning the award Aine has been asked to take part in the peer assisted learning programme which will continue to support her fellow students. She has also been asked to join the student teaching and learning committee and will be recognised for her work at the end of her degree by gaining a ‘future award’.

Aine joined Will Adams NHS Treatment Centre with limited theatre experience but an understanding of the value of education. She saw the first of its kind course as an opportunity to use her knowledge and experience to help others.

Aine said: “I am very grateful to Care UK for supporting me with this not only financially. The management team and my colleagues have been there to help me each step of the way and for this I will be eternally grateful. I hope that the rest of my studies go well and I look forward to my future career in theatre.”