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Care UK treatment centre celebrates ophthalmology milestone

April 10 2013

Colleagues at a treatment centre in Ilford are celebrating after discovering they have reached an ophthalmology milestone.

The team at North East London NHS Treatment Centre, which is managed by independent healthcare provider Care UK, were thrilled to hear that a recent cataract operation for patient Frank Gordon from Seven Kings clocked in at number 25,000 across all of the organisation’s treatment centres.

The centre, which last year carried out more than 1,200 ophthalmology procedures, provides high quality treatment in oral surgery, orthopaedics, general surgery, endoscopy and ophthalmology. Frank was referred there by his optician, who advised how he was faced with a stark choice: A double operation to treat both eyes or a life without driving.

Frank said: “The cataracts had been very slow-growing and my optician had done a great job of monitoring the situation. At my last check-up, he told me that we had reached the point where I needed to have an operation on both my eyes, or face giving up driving within the next two to three months. That was not an option for me.

“Like most people, I use the car for shopping trips, visits and holidays. To give up my licence would have really hampered my lifestyle and happiness. When I visited the centre I was very impressed with how clean and well-run it was, and I was even more impressed when the surgeon told me he could carry out the operation on my first eye the next week.”

The operation was a great success and within two days Frank says the sight in his eye was needle sharp: “I visited for a check-up two weeks later. My surgeon was pleased with how the operation had gone and said he would carry out the second operation in three weeks time.

“He gave the eye a thorough examination and said he was a little concerned that some scarring in the eye, from an accident when I was 12, may cause a little trouble. But he was very reassuring.”

Again, the operation was a success and within three days Frank said any mistiness caused by the cataract was gone: “I was delighted. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. In fact, I’d prefer to undergo that surgery rather than a trip to the dentist.”

Paul Attwal, hospital director at North East London NHS Treatment Centre, said: “I am very pleased Frank had such a positive experience at our centre. Our teams, both medical and administrative, strive to put the patient first and deliver the type of service they would want to receive themselves.”

Care UK also offers ophthalmology services at Will Adams NHS Treatment Centre in Gillingham, St. Mary’s NHS Treatment Centre in Portsmouth and Southampton NHS Treatment Centre in Hampshire.

For more information about the services at North East London NHS Treatment Centre visit or call 0333 200 4069.