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Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre supports Children in Need

November 15 2019

Visitors to Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre were shocked to be greeted by Belle, from Beauty & the Beast, and an array of superheroes as the team dressed up to support the charity Children in Need.

More than £350 was raised by staff dressing up as the Disney princess and favourite characters, as well as pulling on their capes to be universe-saving superheroes.

Dressed as one of the 101 Dalmatians hospital director Steve Booker said: “It was a great effort from everyone. Even those clinicians who can’t join in the dress-down event put on the loudest socks, ties and headgear - the place was a riot of colour and fun. I’m proud of my team for supporting the work of charities who protect some of the youngest and most vulnerable children at home and abroad. They are all superheroes to me.”