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Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre scores top marks for its cleanliness

August 20 2018

Inspectors have given Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre full marks for hygiene and for supporting people living with dementia and disability.

The inspectors in the annual Patient-Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) examined each aspect of the centre’s performance as it would be experienced by a patient.  

The scores awarded to the centre by the assessors included 100 per cent  for cleanliness, 98 per cent for food on the ward, 97 per cent for condition, appearance and maintenance, and 93 per cent each in the categories of disability and dementia dignity and support.

The centre’s assessment was led by patient assessors – specially-trained patients from the treatment centre’s patient forum - who can undertake the assessment from the patient’s perspective as well as independent clinical assessors.

The centre’s hospital director, Steve Booker, said: “The assessors’ feedback was very positive. They are all former patients who have a commitment to ensuring future patients receive first class care.

“Our hygiene regime is rigorous and has enabled us to keep the centre free of hospital acquired infection since we opened more than 10 years ago, but it is always gratifying to have confirmation that you are succeeding from an independent inspection.

“I was also delighted to hear assessors praise our support for people living with disabilities and dementia. This is particularly important, as we have an ageing population, and it is excellent to hear that we are providing first class support for our more vulnerable patients.”

“I am very pleased that the team’s work was recognised by the assessors and I am grateful to the assessors for their diligence. Truly great and effective care cannot happen without acting on the views of patients.”