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111 services delighted by surprise pizza delivery

March 25 2020

Dorking, Southall, Ipswich and Bristol 111 services were thrilled to recently receive a pizza delivery complimentary of one of their suppliers, Smith and Nephew.

Smith and Nephew wanted to thank the team for all of their hard work during this busy and unusual time. Some of the company’s colleagues had also used the 111 service in the past few weeks and wanted to show their appreciation for the care and help that they received.

At the 111 services, the team was amazed and delighted with the act of kindness Smith and Nephew had given. At the Dorking 111, everyone was shocked when 34 pizza boxes arrived at their centre.

Abbie Spackman, 111 IUC Engagement and Communication Officer said: “It was such a lovely gesture from Smith and Nephew, we’d like to say a huge thank you to them for thinking of us during this busy time. The team have been working hard to give the best care possible and the pizza delivery really helped to lift everyone’s spirits!”