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As we continue to support the NHS with the collective effort to protect our colleagues and nation against COVID-19 we urgently require retired clinicians to join us to lend your expertise in our 111, GP out-of-hours and GP practice services. Importantly you are able to work with us to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 from your own home via telephone and online triage.

If you’re a nurse or doctor previously registered with either the NMC or GMC but have either permanently or temporarily allowed your registration and license to practice lapse within the past 3 years we need your help.

Our NHS 111 services and GP out-of-hours services are vital in the national effort against COVID-19 activing as the first point of contact for the wider public. We’re seeing unprecedented numbers of calls and enquiries to our services and we need you to answer them.

From the safety of your home we will provide you with any necessary equipment and training to undertake this task.  We’ll support you too in your vital role with mentorship, guidance and advice from our highly experienced clinical and medical leadership teams.  Of course, you will also receive generous payment for your time and service, in addition to standard Care UK working conditions inclusive of annual leave entitlement and working hour protections. You will be free to choose how much time you want to work and will be able to stop working at any time.

Initially we are seeking for applications from retired General Practitioners and Primary Care Nurses / Practitioners (Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, Paramedic Practitioners, Urgent Care Practitioners, Emergency Nurse / Care Practitioners).  Although we welcome enquiries from clinicians recently retired from practice for any further deployment necessary in our efforts to support this response.

The GMC, NMC and HCPC are putting in measures to allow you to return to practice under their licenses to practice safely for you, your patients and the wider community. 

At Care UK our teams will support you through your registration and application to work with us in this collective effort to combat COVID-19. 

Your efforts up until now are greatly appreciated, it is now more than ever that your NHS and country need you.

We want to hear from you today. Following the links below to apply and a member of our recruitment team will be in touch shortly to arrange for you to undertake a short interview (via the telephone) with one of our clinical managers and to talk you through our induction processes.

Apply now:

GP Applications

Primary Care Nurse / Practitioner Applications

Other Clinicians Applications

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