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Suzanne Lawrence

Suzanne Lawrence

Managing director, Primary Care

I’m passionate about driving new technologies to improve patient care. Really drawing on the expertise and knowledge in our teams to honestly evaluate the many digital products becoming available to the UK healthcare market to work out which can be used to drive benefit in different places across our services; both transforming the patients’ experience and driving better value for money.

We focus on ensuring that care delivery, supported by digital technology, is safe and provides a quantifiable benefit for patients and colleagues. This might be a greater level of accuracy in a test, an ability to speed up access to a diagnostic or provide access closer to home or at more convenient times for patients. We need to find the right balance between challenging established ways of delivering care and supporting people to adapt to change at a manageable pace. All of our current services can benefit from new technologies – we only have to hear the feedback from patients in our prisons about the improvement to their privacy and dignity from having their clinic appointment through telehealth inside the prison, to sitting in a hospital outpatient department, handcuffed to a prison officer. We must work alongside our stakeholders right across healthcare systems to convince them to move with us and embrace the new opportunities that present.

I’m proud of taking thoughts that were once someone’s tentative idea and moving them into actual live care provision for patients in the real world. This provides opportunities across our services for more responsive patient care; colleagues to try new things and commissioners to understand new ways of adding value.

My three kids make me laugh and keep me grounded. I also keep the stress levels down by running (very slowly) around the common where I live. A glass of wine has been known to help too. Oh, and I like to knit. Not a lot of people know that!