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Suzanne Lawrence

Suzanne Lawrence

Managing director, Primary Care

I’m passionate about providing patients with great quality, responsive healthcare, and Care UK gives me the chance to put this into practice. In Primary Care our breadth of capability, and the wide ranging backgrounds of our people, enable us to respond very quickly, setting up services from scratch, or enhancing or modifying existing services to respond to changing patient need or even seasonal crises. Care UK Health Care is fairly light on bureaucracy, so we have time and space to focus on fixing problems and coming up with new ideas – it’s a good feeling!

We focus on ensuring that services are provided consistently, safely and at a time and place that fits with patients’ lifestyles. We also work hard to be responsive to patients’ views. Our wealth of capabilities and our proven results are changing the traditional reservations some commissioners have had of working with a private provider. We also need to change our own views, and start seeing GP federations, as well as acute and community trusts, as being our partners and commissioners of care, alongside NHS England and clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). We are becoming trusted partners, helping them to develop and test ideas for integrated healthcare provision.

I’m proud of having grown the number of prisons in our Health in Justice business from 3 to 33 at its peak. However, I would say that my biggest achievement to date at Care UK has been creating new models of healthcare delivery, such as integrated 111 and out-of-hours services. It’s now our focus to ensure that 111 has a level of financial robustness to complement the rigour of our service delivery.

My three kids make me laugh and keep me grounded. I also keep the stress levels down by running (very slowly) around the common where I live. A glass of wine has been known to help too. Oh, and I like to knit. Not a lot of people know that!