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Marjorie Gillespie

Marjorie Gillespie

Medical director, Primary Care & Caldicott Guardian

The spirit of Care UK Health Care is that patients come first, and that’s certainly noticeable in our primary care services when patients using our services commonly say, “I didn’t know a GP practice could be like this.” We aren’t constrained by any traditional, entrenched GP practice approaches to patients, so why not see a patient for a routine antenatal appointment at 7pm if that’s what suits them? We often employ administrative and support staff who have worked in other sectors. That keeps our approach to patients fresh. We’re always looking at ways we can improve.

We have achieved a huge amount in primary care: meeting the seven-day-a-week working challenge across our services; and we were asking patients what they thought of our services long before we were required to. I think our challenge now is around how we develop our multidisciplinary teams and how we partner more with community groups so that we can give patients access to a wider range of support services from our GP surgeries.

I’m incredibly impressed by the calibre of people in Care UK. We have dynamic, bright, creative, inspired, motivated colleagues at all levels.  And I believe that, as our Care UK teams look after the buildings, the finances and the support services, we enable our clinicians to focus on delivering good medical care – the kind we’d like if it were our mother or our daughter being treated. 

I love trekking – I’ve trekked in Europe, Africa, South and Central America.  I’ve worked as the doctor accompanying charity climbs and fashion photo shoots, and I’ve climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro five times!  I was born and raised in the US, in Washington DC. My father was British and my mother Puerto Rican and I was brought up in a bilingual, public sector oriented family (I speak Spanish with my two children). I came over to Britain to study medicine and have pretty much been here since.