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Andrew Prosser

Andrew Prosser

Finance director

I’ve worked in large organisations and in consumer healthcare but I wanted to work for Care UK as I liked the idea of joining a smaller company where I could play a bigger part. During the interview process I spoke to people working in our front line healthcare services and they spoke highly of the organisation, and this was a factor in my decision to join. Care UK was, and is, truly focused on patient care and its people strongly believe in what they are doing.

What I find refreshing about Care UK is its accessible leadership: there are no closed doors. There’s nothing arrogant about us – if anything we undersell ourselves – and we’re an exciting place to work because we’re willing to try new ideas and approaches.

We’re different from our competitors because we have breadth, we’re fast to react, and we’re flexible, but a commitment to quality is entrenched in everything we do. I think our main challenge lies in developing the way we win business. In addition to winning tenders we need to be better at approaching our commissioners to sell our capabilities to help them solve the significant challenges faced by the NHS.

I’m really proud of the fact that I was acting MD of Care UK Health Care for nine months before Jim joined Care UK. During that time, we acquired and integrated Harmoni and UKSH – two large and very different businesses. Although the acquisitions and subsequent integrations had their challenges, we have come through that period in a stronger position than we were before and we added to the quality of people in our business.

My eldest son was born when my wife and I were living in Paris in the mid 1990s and the visit to hospital certainly showed me the different priorities of the French health system. They had an excellent wine list in the hospital café and one of the doctors reassured me during my wife’s labour that I could go and have a nice long lunch as my wife wouldn’t be giving birth for a while!