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Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK.

Almost 42,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in the UK and around 268,000 people living in the UK today have been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer is treatable and curable especially if diagnosed early. Nearly everyone survives bowel cancer if diagnosed at the earliest stage. However this drops significantly as the disease develops. Early diagnosis really does save lives.

There is only a small chance that bowel cancer will come back after five years.

More than 16,000 people die from bowel cancer in the UK every year. It is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK. But the number of people dying of bowel cancer has been falling since the 1970s. This may be due to earlier diagnosis and better treatment.

Care UK Health Care colleagues voted and with nearly 60% of the winning vote, we announced Bowel Cancer UK as our charity partner of the year in November 2018.

Our charity committee truly hopes that you’ll enjoy not only fundraising, but raising awareness of the disease.

Our fundraising target

We have donated £10,000 to Bowel Cancer UK to kick of the partnership.

Upcoming fundraising events

September 2019: Walk Together

Past fundraising events

November 2018: Partnership launch

December 2018: Christmas appeal

February 2019: Bake Off for Bowel Cancer UK

April 2019: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

June 2019: Step Up for 30

Contact details

For any questions regarding the charity partnership please contact

More information

The statistic for the number of people living with bowel cancer in the UK comes from Macmillan Cancer Support. All other statistics in this page come from Cancer Research UK.


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