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Last year, Care UK was awarded funding as part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund. Our aim was to enable more patients to have greater and improved access to GP services.  The pilot has been running for nearly 12 months and will be finishing at the end of September. 

We have used the last 12 months to try different ways of working across six Care UK GP practices and one external (non-Care UK) practice. You may have noticed that we made changes to the way that we work offering different ways of accessing service using the telephone and web. 

Behind the scenes, we have been looking at what worked and what didn’t work to try and come up with the best ways to effectively deliver our services. 

It has been a very interesting year and we have learnt a great deal, which will help us and other GP practices in the future. As with anything which is new or different, things did not always run as they should have; please accept our apologies if you were inconvenienced during our pilot period.  Can we thank all of our patients for your help and support, as ever, it is very much appreciated. 

If you had a telephone consultation or used our online consultation service, please do send us an email to if you could like to us to know more about your experience when using these services.   We always welcome your feedback and suggestions; you can place your comments in the feedback boxes in our reception area for any other comments.

If you would like to know more about this or any of the other pilots in Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund, please visit: