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Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre trans-nasal endoscopy – nine months on

August 7 2017

  • The first hospital in the region to invest in trans-nasal endoscopy

  • Still the only hospital in the South West to offer this service

  • Treatment can be booked via the usual channels

  • One to two weeks to procedure after outpatient or telephone assessment

  • In the region of 1500 NHS patients treated so far

  • Potential capacity – more than 3,500 NHS patients a year

  • A safe procedure with an excellent track record

  • The service is consultant-led

  • Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre is the first independently-run hospital providing NHS treatment in the country to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the CQC

When we launched the service in a brand new gastroenterology endoscopy suite in December last year, Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre in Plymouth was the first hospital in the area to adopt ground breaking technology in the form of trans-nasal endoscopy. We remain the only hospital in the region to offer this service.

Since then, in the region of 1500 NHS patients have visited us to have this procedure. Patients can receive treatment one to two weeks after an outpatient or telephone assessment.

Patient appointments for trans-nasal endoscopy can be booked in the usual manner via the NHS e-Referral Service and Devon Referral Support Services. Our relatively new gastroenterology endoscopy suite has the potential to see more than 3,500 NHS patients a year.

Trans-nasal endoscopes are ultra-thin endoscopes which are passed into the stomach via the nose. This makes the procedure more comfortable as they are less likely to stimulate the gag reflex.

A trans-nasal endoscopy usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes and, if completed with local anaesthetic, allows the patient to return to normal activities within one hour.

Having an endoscopy is usually a safe procedure and the risk of serious complications is very low.

Complications are rare with trans-nasal endoscopy. Some patients may experience a sore throat and occasionally may get a nose bleed. Should patients experience chest pain, abdominal pain, vomiting or shortness of breath after an endoscopy they should seek medical assistance straight away.

Peter Hume, 70, from Plymouth, was one of the first patients to have a trans-nasal endoscopy at Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre. He was referred by his GP to investigate acid reflux and the endoscopy found nothing to worry about. He said: “I recently had a trans-nasal endoscopy carried out by Mr Ken Hosie. The procedure was painless with excellent care from him and his team.”

Ken Hosie, Medical Director at Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre, commented: “Patient safety and comfort are priorities for us, which is why I am delighted that we were the first, and remain the only, hospital in the area to invest in trans-nasal endoscopy technology. It has already made a huge difference to our patients, and as we develop our gastroenterology endoscopy service further it will benefit still more.”

If your patient requires an endoscopy you can refer them to Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre for it. More information is available by calling 01752 506070 or visiting