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New Devizes NHS Treatment Centre operations manager hopes to boost endoscopies

February 16 2018

Care UK has appointed a new operations manager who is working to improve the efficiency of services at Devizes NHS Treatment Centre. jcrop-preview

Mike Burnett, aged 28, will have overall responsibility for a team of 84 people managing all aspects of the non-clinical running of the centre including booking, cleaning, catering, laundry as well as supporting the centres to increase the capacity of their theatres and endoscopy suites.

Mike, who has been working as a consultant on Pisces, a Care UK-wide initiative to improve the cost efficiency and theatre time available to the NHS and its patients, said: “At Devizes we are not able to expand our site so, in order to support an ageing population, we need to work smarter.

“At one treatment centre we were able to increase our orthopaedic theatre capacity and at another we were able to treat three more cataract patients per session by ensuring everything was in place and that delays and cancellations were all but eliminated.

“If we can deliver the same efficiencies here we can not only increase the amount of people treated but also increase their levels of satisfaction.”

Mike is particularly keen to increase the capacity of the endoscopy service. Within the older population in Devizes, requests for endoscopy appointments are increasing. Some procedures are carried out as routine appointments due to family history or past health issues; however some are the result of concerns a GP has for a patient’s health.

“We want to support our community by helping to ensure that a patient who has concerns will be able to receive an appointment as quickly as possible - and, as far as possible, at a time to suit them.”