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Day in the life of...

... a physiotheraphist

I am Lawerance Feenstra and I am a physiotherapist at Balborough NHS Treatment Centre.

The main thing that I like about working at Balborough is that everyone here is very nice. For me personally, that was a very important thing. [...] read more





... a diagnostic radiographer

I'm Claire Brooks and I am a diagnostic radiographer, pilates instructor and a mum of two girls.

I am in my first management job. I have been supported so well by my centre managers. Care UK has sent me on a number of really well run management training courses which have helped me develop my skills [...] read more




... the director of nursing

I am Kate Carter and I am the director of nursing for Care UK. My nursing background is varied including a CNS role in Tissue Viability, Research and a special interest in Sexual Health. 

I completed by Advanced Nurse Practitioner qualification at City university in 2002, my non medical prescribing in 2005 and my Masters in Clinical Practice in 2010. I joined Care UK in December 2013. Prior to joining I was the lead nurse at a busy South London Walk In Centre and had been involved in the integration of the WIC into A&E to become one of the first Urgent Care Centre’s. I have been at Care UK for nearly 5 years on and not looking back! [...] read more


... a clinical advisor for NHS 111

Clinical advisorMy name is Andy and I am a clinical advisor for the NHS 111 service at Care UK in the East of England. I have been in this role for 1 year and 11 months. The experience and knowledge gained in this role has been extensive and allowed me to enhance my own skills.

I am a registered nurse of 29 years and have worked in varied clinical settings including working in Saudi Arabia. The experiences I have gained have enabled me to fulfil this role and help to advise patients to the correct service within the NHS framework. [...] read more



... a prison nurse

Prison NurseMy name is Claire and I am a prison nurse at HMP Huntercombe.

I have always solely been in the NHS, so it came as a really big shock to me in a positive way working for Care UK because it would seem that nothing it too much trouble. [...] read more




... a prison pharmacy technician 

Hi, I am Wenda, a pharmacy technician at HMP Huntercombe. I thought that the NHS was the only place I would be able to provide the best possible care. However, Care UK made me feel like they wanted me to come to work for them and my role was very important

Its all about the patient experience here. People that come and see me are patients, this is a healthcare department. [...]  read more




... a prison GP

Prison GPI am Carol and I'm a GP within HMP Huntercombe. Working within the prison system is different from normal general practice. I find this work to be very interesting; it’s a new challenge for me.

I have only started working for Care UK recently but I can already see the difference in the management. I have been a GP for 16 years. When I started out in general practice, I was a police surgeon. I enjoyed that side of things and was able persue my interest within a prison environment. [...]  read more


... a 111 health advisor

Hi, I am Jo and I'm a 111 Health Advisor at the NHS 111 service in Ipswich. As a Health Advisor, I respond to in-coming non-emergency calls to NHS 111, after thorough training using the NHS Pathways system. 

I had no previous medical knowledge or qualifications (except CPR as a 1st Responder) and the initial course was rigerous with 4 weeks of both class room and shadowing calls with experienced staff. I learned how to ascertain the demographics of the patient, how to triage and then signpost them to get the best care for their paticular need. [...]  read more


... a mental health nurse

My name is Alex and I am a Mental Health Nurse at HMP Wealstun. I have held this role since December 2016 and enjoy the experience and opportunities available to me.

I have a degree as a mental health nurse and previous experience working in a medium secure psychiatric hospital and thought I could use my skills well in a prison environment as well as develop knowledge and learn new methods to enhance my practice. Working within the Health in Justice sector brings about many challenges as well as a lot of positives just like any other healthcare role. [...]  read more


... an outpatient nurse

Hi, I’m Jess and I’m an Outpatient Nurse at Devizes Treatment Centre. Last year I completed a Return to Nursing course at The University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. I had been out of nursing for 11 years having chosen to be a stay at home mum with my two children.

As you can probably imagine, the thought of returning to the clinical area was pretty daunting, but the nurse in me just wouldn’t go away! During the duration of the course, I was on a busy orthopaedic Trauma ward in a large general Hospital. It was a baptism of fire and utterly exhausting although thoroughly enjoyable and I was very pleased to find that I hadn’t forgotten much over the years. [...]  read more


... a physiotherapy manager

My name is Paul Soley and I am the lead physiotherapist in the Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre in Plymouth. A usual working day for me looks something like this.

My alarm goes off every morning at 5am to the sounds of BBC 6 music. I then grab a banana and I go for either a run, cycle or swim (indoors or outdoors dependent on the British weather and how brave I am feeling).

I arrive at work, get changed and I am ready for the 8 o’clock ward round with the nurses, resident medical officer, a consultant and other relevant members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT). The ward round can take any length of time from 15 minutes to an hour depending on how many patients we have on the ward. During the ward round the consultant will review the patient based on a physical examination and an update of their progress from other members of the MDT, including the patient. Following the ward round I will head back into the physiotherapy gym, feedback to the physiotherapy team and develop a working plan for the day. [...]  read more



... a NHS 111 clinical advisor

Below is an extract of my conversation with one of our Clinical Advisor's based in our Ipswich site and the discussion that we had about the positives when working for 111 and what the role entails.

"I original came into working for 111 through an agency several years ago and decided to take the plunge into Out of hours to see what was really involved. Around the same time I was also offered a charge nurse position within a secure unit which was more suited to my background as a RGN and having previously worked within a substance misuse service. However I stuck to my guns and always looking for a new challenge I started on the 111 and pathways training course for the role, at which point i realised the scope for career development. When the opportunity arose for a permanent role with Care UK I was happy to transfer over; despite the initial appeal for agency work you can’t always guarantee your hours and it lacks career development. [...]  read more


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